O Apartamento is all about connecting people. Purpose? To be an accelerator of urban particles, creating synergies and promoting creative projects. Located in a residential building at central Lisbon, its mission is to bring the World to Portugal and introduce the best of Portugal to the World. 

A place where works of art and design pieces blend into the decor.

In a five-room apartment completely prepared to host and welcome visitors, each three months O Apartamento will bring to Lisbon a worldwide magazine with a creative project associated. We’ll introduce them to Lisbon and who knows if they’ll end up writing about it too. Artistic residences pop up stores, private dinners, exhibitions, workshops: everything can happen at O Apartamento. The only rule is sharing.



The entrance covered with 18th century tiles was what most delighted us the first time we crossed the door.  Altogether there are 5 different rooms that make the 200 sqm of O Apartamento as special as heterogeneous.

The 18th century tiles-covered entrance and the adjoining main/meeting room welcome our who arrives. But there’s more: two offices, a living room/winter garden, a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom prepared to host our special guests, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining area, two restrooms and a small and private terrace complete O Apartamento. Where works of art and design pieces blend into the decor.

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