About us


We are an agency which specialises in tourism, travel, hotels, food (restaurants and chefs), art, design and lifestyle with a heavy emphasis on the luxury segment and a range of clients that includes unique and stand-out projects as well as institutional clients.

With 15 years of experience, we are a “boutique agency” formed by a multidisciplinary team with one eye on what’s current and another on the future. We have an in-depth knowledge of the market and trends that enables us to provide a fresh and innovative approach, proposing tailor-made strategies designed to suit the particular needs of each client.

In the global world we live in, we approach communication not just from a national perspective but also with a major focus on the international market, in both cases truly curating our contacts to ensure we maintain very close relationships.

Bearing in mind the various services we offer, we can focus more broadly or closely on an area that better suits the needs of the client. From consultancy to communication strategy, our expertise is boosted by the partnerships we establish and the original projects we bring to fruition as a result. The creative department is one of the agency’s most important tools, creating out-of-the-box concepts both for our regular and more occasional clients.

In 2014, we opened a creative hub – an apartment in the literal and physical sense. Everything began with the launch of the magazines Cereal and Openhouse in Lisbon. Since then, we have been bringing four international magazines to the city every year and we have a regular programme that develops synergies, puts people in contact with each other and divulges brands and original projects always from a national and international perspective. From workshops to gourmet dining and pop-up stores, O Apartamento is a place of exchange and sharing, open to dialogue and imagination find out more.

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