util design

January 10th | 6.30pm

UTIL is a furniture and accessories brand for your home designed all around Europe and produced in Portugal. Together with some of the best emerging young designers our collection was developed focused on the social and hospitality side of everyday objects. Time as become a valuable asset and for that reason UTIL wants you to make the best of it every time you welcome someone at home. We looked carefully into the particularities of our everyday routines in order to understand the importance and the role of furniture and accessories have in such events.

UTIL’s first collection is thought as narrative which kicks off the moment you open your front door. The coat hanger Hal is at first a high wall shelf where you drop your keys but also hangs your coats underneath declutter-ing the view of your hallway. You politely ask your guest if he wishes something to drink and so a tray comes with an elegant and sophisticated set of carafe and glasses, Dual, designed by Relvão Kellermann. Your home is always ready to seat that extra guest since you have Oyster. A solid ash stool designed by Geckeler Michels which can also be a table. Its three legged structure and sectioned seat give it a strong graphical aesthetic and at the same time an orientation which can be put against the side of the sofa. The conversation is getting interesting and we don’t want it to stop there. It is then that Basso comes along. A mini bar on wheels which keeps your bottles on the bottom bucket and its top serves as a tray with a cork mat for your glasses. The Spout on top of the table keeps your fruit well rinsed and ready to pick. These and all of the other products make the best out its materials in an honest manner and define the details with the care they deserve. They define UTIL’s first collection challenging contemporary aesthetics and its everyday use. Joschua’s Brunn AB is a good example with its geometry given by nature and precisely crafted in sand casted aluminum.

For us is just as important a care understanding of the context in which we live by and work as it is the details that shape our products.

Private event / By invitation only