How to create Michelin Star-like desserts at home

Workshop w/ Sofia Pinto

October 14th | 3pm to 7pm



Sofia Pinto

After many years working as a graphic designer in Lisbon, Sofia felt like changing. Gastronomy was always a passion for her without thinking that it could be a profession. After a brief passage through 1300 Taberna, she decides to move to Barcelona and study at Espai Sucre, at the time the only school that had a course focused on the creation of restaurant desserts as well as the only bar of sweet tapas in the world.
Soon after her second internship in Hisop, a Michelin Start restaurant in Barcelona she was invited to run its pastry department where she is the person in charge for the creation of all the desserts for almost 3 years now. Teaching and sharing her knowledge is what she does best as many trainees pass all year round coming from schools around the world.

Sofia was recently considered one of the 10 pastry chefs who mark a trend by Pastry Revolution magazine.