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From the United Kingdom: Wildling

Magazine Presentation + Fashion Editorial + Pop-Up Shop

February 22nd until 26th

Wildling was created by Rececca Lindon, its editor-in-chief, and launched in June 2015. “Essentially I created the concept for the magazine because the family magazines that were available to me as a mother, didn’t fit with my views and experiences of parenting. I wanted to bring together a community of parents who were adventurous, creative and live life a little differently to the norm. Wildling doesn’t contain ‘news’ or ‘celebrity’ features – it is a collection of essays written by parents themselves. It is a place of sharing so that we can all learn from each other’s experiences without being told what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.”

Wildling Magazine is the quarterly journal for seekers of adventure. Providing food for thought for stylish and creative families, whilst celebrating free-thinking and a conscious life. Each quarter they feature a series of essays on travel, food, fashion, art and family life, with an emphasis on mindful living. 

“We moved online for our June 2016 issue. The community we have created is global and print distribution is slow with a great deal of wastage and our readers became frustrated with the lack of stockists outside of the UK. Direct order from us meant high postage costs and essentially we were growing more quickly than we could support. The print magazine was hugely important to me as I wanted to create a tangible product that could be kept and referred back to or passed on to other parents. However, in this age – the quickest way to get our message out was to offer our content free and online.”

Pop-Up Shop

February 25th | 1pm until 7pm


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Free admission but limited to the existing space.