Living and Vegetarian Gastronomy

Recipes for an Aphrodisiac Dinner Workshop

Gabriela Monteiro invites Raquel Magalhães

November 13th

|all the information regarding this workshop will be available on August 31st|


Gabriela Monteiro

Currently living in Lisbon, Gabriela was born in Rio de Janeiro. She develops experiments, projects and research on plant-based conscious eating practices and her main inspiration comes from the diverse travels and cultures and from the contact with plants and their universe. Graduated in International Relations and Design with specialization in Fashion, Gabriela left the corporate world in 2005 to dedicate herself to the world of gastronomy. In 2009 she started her Gastronomia Viva project where she offers culinary and gastronomy workshops 100% vegetarian with raw inspiration (her specialty), retreats and experiences, consultancies for catering in the development of menus and in adapting to a healthy diet. Works as retreats’ chef focused in plant-based conscious eating, living and raw food, ayurveda and mindfulness. Its focus is on the use of plants in food and on how this inspiration can work for the maintenance of well-being, personal and collective health.