From manual repeat pattern to illustrator

Workshop w/ Irene Filipe Marques

November 17, 18 & 19 | 18 Hour-Course


November 17th / 2pm – 6pm

November 18 & 19th / 10am to 6pm (lunch break / 1 hour)


The purpose of this course is to enable students to become able to develop repeat patterns in Adobe Illustrator software from the creation of manual rapports (repeat patterns). Creating rapports by hand is an intuitive way of planning a print pattern and a feature that we can often use. Before we move on to the digital process it is very interesting to see exactly how the manual develops. This is a dynamic and very practical course with development of methods that exercise creativity applied fundamentally to the world of fashion and surface and pattern design. There will be 18 hours of course divided into three days where students will learn by demonstration and practice an effective methodology for creating patterns going through all the stages and ending with an original pattern ready for production.


Presentation of briefing / analysis of the theme and aesthetic language

Creation techniques (references and inspiration)

Creation of a Moodboard

Color palette

Technique for creating manual rapports

Development of manual rapport

Adjustments required

Important tools for selecting and processing images in Illustrator:
Introduction to the basic tools essential for creating a pattern in Illustrator
Use of different techniques to transform a manual drawing into a digital and vector drawing in Illustrator.

Preparing the file and creating rapports in Illustrator:
Technique for creating a repeat (rapport) in Illustrator from digital drawings

Development of the pattern

Finishing the file for production

Color variants

Presentation of the papers

Orientation and routing for the production of the fabric


Irene Marques Filipe

Irene is a designer and illustrator. She was born in Angola, raised in Portugal and has been living in Brazil since 2013.
The vibrant colors, the tropical and african patterns, the wealth of people with their beliefs and myths, the music and the flavors of each place, the travels where she searchs for inspiration, and the rich multiculturalism inherent in her family, defines the identity of her projects and infuses them with her very own language. In 2013 she launched the IRENE brand which comes from her desire to transpose the illustrated imaginary on to everyday pieces , giving them a practical and useful propose, while sharing a passion for color, the beauty that lies in the nature and the fascination with ethnic patterns and textures.
Irene likes to define her style as a cheerful “euroafrotropicalismo” and hopes, with her illustrations, to carry the viewers into a paradise harmony, full of color and beauty, the smell of fresh flowers and fruit, optimism, love, nature and peace … which after all means IRENE .


All necessary materials will be available for use in class.

Participants are required to bring portable computer with Adobe Illustrator installed (CS6 or newer version) and a pen drive. It is up to each participant to bring drawing material that complements those already provided for use in the workshop. Suggestions: black ink pen, pastel colored pencil, ruler, brushes, scanned images, photographs, magazines or any other item you like to work with.

Basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator (OPTIONAL).



185 euros
(payment in advance)


At O Apartamento
Avenida Duque de Loulé, 1 – 5º Drt
1050 – 085 Lisboa

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Please contact Irene Marques Filipe at for more information regarding the refund and/or cancellation policy.