Bread Workshop
w/ Diogo Amorim / GLEBA


February 25th | 10am – 2pm [ SOLD OUT ]


Workshop’s Program

Participants will have the opportunity to observe the entire process from grain to bread. Each person will be in charge of kneading their own bread which, at the end of the first three hours of fermentation, will be placed in a wicker basket to be leavened and to be baked at home. During the four hours participants will have the opportunity to observe the various phases of the process, always accompanied by explanations and clarification of doubts.

Diogo Amorim

Diogo Amorim studied culinary arts at one of the most prestigious schools in Switzerland and did an internship in one of the best restaurants in the world: The Fat Duck in England. There he deepened his interest in natural fermentation bread, since the 3 Michelin Star restaurant was, at that time, studying the gastronomic potential of this simple yet complex food. After that he worked half a year in Vila Joya, one of the best Portuguese restaurants, and came to Lisbon in 2015 to take a Masters Degree in Gastronomic Sciences. Developed Gleba’s project for almost two years, traveling through Portugal in search of small grain producers. At the end of 2016 opened Gleba’s bakery where “real bread” is made.


All the materials and ingredients are included. Participants should bring an apron and a kitchen cloth.




35 euros + VAT

(payment in advance)


At O Apartamento
Avenida Duque de Loulé, 1 – 5º Drt
1050 – 085 Lisboa


Payment in advance. Refund or cancellation of paid reservations are not allowed.
However, if you can not attend the class, you can invite someone to do the workshop in your place.