From the United Kingdom: DOG

Issue 2 Presentation

May 24th – 28th

DOG is a modern lifestyle magazine exploring the presence and influence of dogs and their owners in society. Each issue centers on a common topic and explores the meaningful interactions and love of individuals and their dogs through photographic portfolios, interviews, personal essays, informative material on breeds and creative content.

Personal, visual, poetic, current and innovative, DOG offers original content and a new perspective to dog lovers and owners. Content for DOG will come from a variety of creative sources mirroring the diversity of dog owners and lovers. Submissions from emerging or established photographers, designers, illustrators, writers, designers, makers and visual artists, and any dog owner, give DOG a fresh vision of what dog mean to humans.

May 27th | 12.30

Meet the Teams

Special brunch created by chef Daniel Estriga and O Apartamento’s team + Issue 2 Presentation


Mini croquetes de novilho
Bôla de carnes
Pão de Mafra e broa de milho
Manteiga e doces
Queijo e fiambre
Iogurte grego
Salada de fruta
Ovos mexidos
Risotto de cogumelos
Mini hambúrguer em pão brioche
Salmão curado
Penne, mozzarella fresca e pesto
Lombinho de porco com sweet chilli
Batata doce frita
Mini pastel de nata
Mini travesseiro
Panna cotta de aipo e frutos vermelhos
Tarte de maçã desconstruída
Mousse de after-eight
Sumo de laranja natural
Chá frio de hortelã e lúcia lima


€35 + 23% VAT
(payment in advance)


O Apartamento
Avenida Duque de Loulé, 1 – 5º Direito
1050-085 Lisboa

Limited seats / By subscription


Last minute menu changes may occur if the referred ingredients aren’t available. Please pay attention to the menu if you have any kind of food restrictions and/or intolerances because requests to replace ingredients and/or courses won’t be accepted.

Refund or cancellation of paid reservations are not allowed. However, if you can not attend the dinner, you can invite someone to take your place at the table.