Indian Cooking Class in Lisbon

w/ Chef Shagun Mehra

September 29th | 11am – 1pm

”This menu is from the Various Regions of India. So one tastes the diversity of each Region and Cuisine of the very colorful and fragrant cuisine of India. Besides a few quintessential spices, the menu is created to celebrate the beautiful local produce of Portugal.” Shagun Mehra


A short dialogue on the Philosophy of Indian Cuisine & Its diversity

Menu / Program


(a spiced cool lime refreshment)


Lamb Kebab

(spiced with exotic spices, coal smoked)


Tamarind Seafood Curry

(with mustard & curry leaves)


Basmati Rice Pulao

(with Ghee & whole spices)


All the materials will be provided. Includes degustation and printed recipes.

Shagun Mehra

The Fortune Magazine named Shagun Mehra as ‘One of Top 5 Crafts People of India’. She studied at Ecole Les Roches, Switzerland & Le Cordon Bleu, Paris to polish her culinary skills. Currently she co-owns and runs the kitchens at Coco Shambhala, the Best Boutique Hotel of India – Conde Nast. Her forté lies in authentic ancient Indian cuisine and creating creative plates using local produce and spices.

Ear to the Wild Foundation

‘Ear to the Wild Foundation’ was created specifically to prevent Elephant Deaths with Train Collisions in India. This is the reason there is an average of one elephant killed in India EVERY DAY. Shagun formed this Foundation alongside Prof. Michel André of Barcelona who is a twice Rolex Laureate awardee for using Bio-Acoustics Technology to save Marine & Land Mammals. EWF is working with the Ministry of Forest & Environment and the Wild Life Institute of India for this cause.

Please visit for more information on their recent work.


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O Apartamento
Largo de São Mamede, 4 e 5, R/c
1250-236 Lisboa

Limited seats / By subscription


Refund or cancellation of paid reservations are not allowed. However, if you can not attend the dinner, you can invite someone to take your place at the workshop.