Friday’s Feast #14
Spiralizing Pasta

The spiralizer is the new must have gadget for healthy cooking. We love to cook and to play with food, so we went out to get one of these kitchen toys. Spiralizing is in fact easy, fun and really useful. You can do the famous zoodles (zucchicni noodles) and transform almost any vegetable into tasty pasta. It works! In this week’s recipe we choose sweet potato and created a veggie version of a carbonara. Check it out below.



A bag/bunch of spinach

Mushrooms, any kind you prefer

One egg


Olive oil

Two big sweet potatoes



Use your newly bought spiralizer to transform the sweet potatoes into pasta. Make sure to firmly press the potato so the strings won’t break during the process. Repeat this for the two potatoes and set aside.


Bring a large pan with water to a boil and chop the mushrooms roughly while you wait. Cook the potatoes for three minutes – be careful not to overcook them or they will break. Stir the mushrooms with some salt and olive oil for 5/7 minutes in high heat.


Add the spinach to the mushrooms and turn the heat off. In the meanwhile whisk the egg with enough parmesan cheese to make it thick.


Drain the potatoes and add them to the veggie pan. Afterwards add the egg and cheese mixture with the pan still hot, but the heat turned off or the eggs will turn into scrambled eggs. The purpose of the egg is to create a carbonara kind of sauce.


Et voilá! Creamy-veggie-low-carb carbonara!