5 Facts About:
Stockholm Brunch

On April 30th and May 1st, O Apartamento hosted a Swedish Brunch. People from Lisbon booked it and were able to sat at a cosy table and get to know each other. However, this event start to shape up three months earlier. In Stockholm. Below you will find some behind the scenes fun facts.


1. Two chefs flew from Stockholm to cook at O Apartamento

Yes! O Apartamento went to Stockholm in February and had the pleasure to meet Annika Santunione and Jonas Findell. Together they own two of the trendiest coffee shops in the Sweden capital: Kaffeverket and Snickbarken 7. The restaurants/coffee shops serve amazing salads, colorful smoothies and, of course, coffee drinks. We invited them to cook in Lisbon, at O Apartamento, but Jonas had to stay in Sweden to manage a new place that they will open in a few months. Despite that Annika found the time to come and brought one of her best cooks, Mieke.


2. Antonio Afonso: the person who made this happen

Antonio introduced us to Annika and Jonas. He is portuguese but was born in Sweden. He owns a webdesign company base in Stockholm called Afonso. He loves Portugal and is a ferocious ambassador for Lisbon’s charms. Thanks to him we could meet with Annika and Jonas in Stockholm. He was also the one to take us to Papercut (we tell more about it below). Antonio not only did the presentations but he also came to Lisbon with Annika and Mieke, put an apron and cooked. Here’s the proof.


3. We learned how to do a very scandinavian dish: Gravlax

If you do not know what a gravlax is you are missing one of the easiest recipes that you can use to show off to your friends. You can check out the complete brunch menu here  and you will find the “Beetroot cured fish with beetroot & horseradish creme, red leafs and pickled shallots”. That’s the Gravlax! Gravlax means “buried salmon”, which makes sense, because the salmon filet is cured for three days under a mix of salt, sugar and herbs. You can cure the salmon with dill or, in this case, with beetroot. The salmon must be turned each 12 hours and frozen 24 hours before serving. Freezing the salmon will make it easier to cut. Since Annika used beetroot to cure it, the salmon gained a pinkish border.

4. The brunch dessert was topped with a very portuguese product

For dessert Annika decided to make one of her Stockholm’s best sellers: banana bread. Usually her banana bread is topped with maple syrup but at O Apartamento was different. Samelas contacted us and offered to send us some honey. Organic, raw and portuguese honey made in Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain in Portugal. Annika loved the idea. Samelas honey was added to the banana bread and each person could take a jar home. Thank you to Samelas for this amazing idea.


5. Not only the chefs came from Stockholm. The magazines too.

Papercut is a magazine store at Södermalm, Stockholm, where contemporary magazines lovers can spend hours reading publications from all over the world. Antonio Afonso also introduced us to Papercut’s owner. The minute he understood what O Apartamento is, he was on board. More than ten different magazines were sent to O Apartamento. We sold them in a pop-up store week and also at the brunch day. Ambrosia, Lucky Peach, Wilding, Jarry were some of the magazines people could read and take home.


We want to thank Annika, Mieke and Antonio for this wonderful experience.