Danielle Pender

Danielle Pender

Riposte: a smart magazine for and about women

Danielle Pender: the name, heart and soul behind Riposte. She studied History of Modern Art, Film and Design before completing an MA in Creative Writing and in 2012 founded Riposte, an english new, smart magazine for women (and also men) which she edits and works closely with Creative Director Shaz Madani.

Invited by O Apartamento, this next saturday she’ll be in Lisbon to that which is the first Riposte’s conference in Portugal. Having as a starting point the theme “Portuguese Women – Local Going Global”, we’ll bring together at Casa Independente a collection of portuguese women that got inspired by their roots and nowadays have a presence on a global platform.


Why a magazine about women?

We started Riposte as we didn’t feel there was a smart magazine on offer for women. We wanted to offer a magazine that showcased intelligent, brilliant women who had achieved great things and talk to them without reducing it to focusing on their wardrobes or child care arrangements.

What about men: will they enjoy reading it?

Yes, we have a very gender-neutral tone. The women we feature are smart and inspiring and we talk to them as interesting human beings first and foremost, not from a gender specific point of view. We have quite a large male readership because of the design and print quality.

What kind of articles can I find in this publication?

We feature a broad range of topics. I used to find that I was reading a lot of men’s magazines because of this very reason – their editorial scope was much broader than women’s. We cover art, design, politics, business, food and fashion. We look for interesting stories and people you might not have heard of.

How did it start and where can I find it nowadays?

We started small with a print run of 1,000 copies and have grown steadily since the launch in 2013. We’re now stocked world-wide in bookshops, galleries, museums and on our website.

What’s your main goal?

To build a media company that offers inspiring content and events and champions brilliant women.

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