Armando Ribeiro
Founder / Creative Director

He usually doesn’t arrive early to the office, but checks his inbox and replies to emails quite early, by 8 am. Not only he is a compulsive magazines’ buyer, but also loves cinema and photography. He really likes to meet people and share experiences, that’s why he decided to create the O Apartamento. Although he loves to eat, at the O Apartamento his tasks are mainly to set the table and do the washing. He studied museology and contemporary art and worked as a buyer for more than 10 years. More than everything, he loves to travel and his travel bags are always ready to go.

Ana Krausz
Content Manager

Studied Tourism and worked as a flight assistant for a while but her passion for fashion and magazines had definitely changed her life. An accidental internship in a communication agency dictated the job that fulfills her nowadays. One of her hobbies is people watching. Traveling is one of her priorities in life. She´s obsessed in everything that is healthy and she caries boiled eggs in her purse almost every day.


Inês Matos Andrade
Creative Producer

It is 4pm. Inês gets up from the work chair and goes to the kitchen just to make pancakes. She speaks about food all the time has a fork and a knife tattooed on her arm so people do not doubt what she is made of. A gastronomic tour is always ready on her sleeve for those who visit O Apartamento. Judging by her experience you would call her a journalist – she used to be the Food&Drink editor at Time Out magazine. But judging by her heart you will, instead, call her a communicator. Therefore, she has a big mouth and usually speaks loudly. When needed, she can also photograph or even solve some tiny software problems. She was born in Porto, a city known for the authenticity of its people. And francesinhas. Do you want to know where to eat them? Ask Inês.

Paula Cosme Pinto
Creative Producer

Besides sms and love letters, she wrote for newspaper and magazines and gives daily life to blogs. But also made a book in between and learned the art behind writing a good press-release. There’s no doubts that her personal road is all about writing and that her endless curiosity is her engine. Either eating or travelling around the world, she loves to discover new cultures and her biggest pleasure is to meet and observe new people. Anyway, she hates labels: more than a journalist, blogger, writer, consultant, foodie or backpacker, she assumes herself as a Woman. Of those who love to listen, tell and share stories.


Vasco Águas
Projects Manager

With a background in architecture, Vasco soon fell in love with photography, design and fashion. Being the creative director of a concept store gave him the know how to explore his passions and allowed him to have contact with artists and creatives from around the world. Multifaceted and  curious by nature, designed scenarios for television and did film production but he can also roll up his sleeves if an electrical installation needs to be fixed. He is quiet and secretive but quickly says ‘yes’ when Inês suggests making Nutella crepes. Roxy, his dog, laughs when he comes home.

Photos: Gonçalo F. Santos & Rodrigo Cardoso




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