Armando Ribeiro
Founding Partner / Director

Armando usually doesn’t get into the office very early but he rises with the sun and starts replying to emails before 8 am. Not only he is a compulsive magazines’ buyer, but also loves cinema and photography. He loves meeting new people and sharing experiences and moments, the driving force behind his decision to create O Apartamento’s project. He studied museology and contemporary art, was a buyer for over 10 years and dedicated the last 15 to the communication area. Since he loves traveling, his suitcase is always packed and ready to go whenever he can.


Inês Matos Andrade
Communication & PR Manager

Half way through the working day, Inês gets up and heads to the kitchen to make pancakes. All she talks about is food and she has a knife and fork tattooed on her arm so nobody’s left in any doubt about what rocks her world. She always has a guidebook on food ready for anyone who visits O Apartamento. She’s a journalist by training – she was editor of the Eat&Drink section at Time Out for 4 years – and a communicator by vocation. A bit of a big mouth, in other words, and usually a loud one at that. If necessary, she can take a decent photo and fix minor computer problems. She’s from the city of Porto, which in Portugal means she’s down to earth.


Paula Cosme Pinto
Communication & PR Manager

Paula spent a decade of her life working for newspapers and magazines, has a book to her name and still dedicates a good part of her time writing about the challenges of gender equality (though she has never burnt her bra). However, in recent years she has also learnt the art of writing press-releases and discovered the magic of being behind the scenes in communication. Avowedly addicted to travel, books and good conversation, she loves discovering other cultures and meeting new people from all around the world. She hates labels, so more than a consultant, columnist, journalist, feminist or bona fide traveller, she describes herself as a woman. The kind that likes to tell stories.


Vasco Águas
Special Projects Manager

With a background in architecture, Vasco soon fell in love with photography, design and fashion. Being the creative director of a concept store gave him the know how to explore his passions and allowed him to have contact with artists and creatives from around the world. Multifaceted and curious by nature, designed scenarios for television, did film production and addicted to crafts workshops, he can also roll up his sleeves if an electrical installation needs to be fixed. He is quiet and secretive but with a great – sometimes warped, according to his colleagues – sense of humour. Roxy, his dog, laughs when he comes home.


Vera Abecassis
Business Developer

Her 5 years living in Paris gave her a certain Parisian je ne sais quoi. It was the perfect place to study art history, learn about culture and wine, eat well, develop good taste and sharpen a certain sleuth-like spirit by wandering the city and discovering charming streets, unexpected shops and must-visit bistros. But Lisbon is the city that has dazzled her over the last decade as one of the founders of ConVida Guides. As an editor, she got to know the city from the inside and as head of the shopping section she always had one eye on fashion. Calm and discreet, she’s more a listener than a talker, but she’s always ready for a good laugh.

Photos © Pedro Ferreira

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